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Cliffside Frequently Asked Questions

Are Geographical Personnel stationed at NAS Whidbey Island authorized extended stays?

Geographical Personnel stationed at NASWI are authorized a 30 day stay. Prior to the end of the 30 day stay they must make a request in writing to the N92 Installation Program Manager (address: NAS Whidbey Island N92 Installation Program Manager, 3675 W. Lexington Ave., Bldg. 2556, Oak Harbor, WA 98278) for an extension.

Are there tent sites by the yurts?

No, all tent sites are located in the South Loop. All yurts are located in the North Loop.

Can my group reserve a pavilion?

Picnic Pavilions are not available for private groups or parties to reserve. They are for general use by all campers at Cliffside.

How many spaces can I reserve at a time? Are group reservations available?

Eligible personnel may sponsor up to two (2) guest spaces for RV’s and/or campsites and yurts on a space available basis. Exceptions may be made by management for special occasions (i.e. family reunions).

Is additional parking available?

Yes, sections of parking are scattered around both the North and South Loops, especially near the yurts and tent sites. Each RV site has parking spaces available, limited to two vehicles.

Is Cliffside RV Park ADA compliant?

All bathhouses are ADA compliant. Please indicate your needs upon reserving your space and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

What is the maximum length of stay?

Individuals are authorized to stay up to 30 days and will be charged the monthly rate for that time. Guests must then vacate the park for 2 weeks prior to making another reservation. Additionally, there are 23 prime sites that fall under a 15-day move policy for extended stays.

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