Imagine Children's Museum

Departs: Sunday March 4 at 9:30 am from the Nor'Wester main parking lot
Returns: Approximately 5 pm

Additional Pick-up Locations Available: Please contact the front dest at the CZ to request additonal pick up location...
1). March Point Park and Ride Anacortes approximately 20 minutes after depart time.
2.) Skagit Station in Mt Vernon approximately 50 minutes after departure time. 
3.) Commissary at Smokey Point approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes after departure time.

Waivers: Transportation Liability waivers must be signed prior to the trip departing. Waivers are available online and will also be available on the bus on day of trip departure.

Trip Description:
Every child and parent deserves play time together at Imagine 

Liberty Qualified Patrons: $30.00
$35.00 ages 13+
$31.00 ages 6-12
$12.00 ages 0-5

Provided: Round trip transportation and movies enroute.

What to bring: Lightweight ski pants, rain pants with long underwear, snowboarding pants lined with a little fleece layer (no jeans). Snow in Western Washington is quite wet, so you'll want something water resistant. Layer your upper body with a quick-dry piece close to your body then a fleece jacket that can be unzipped for ventilation. Bring gloves, hat and winter jacket. You want to be a little cold when you start because you will warm up quickly. Make sure you bring a lunch, snacks and plenty of water to drink. Please bring extra money for food and beverages as well.

Register by Thursday, March 1 with myFFR #9918062.